Monday, May 28, 2012

may all good things never end

towards the end of may, marks the being of june which now just reminds me of bad things and also shows that half a year has just pass by like it or not.. the next half well be gone just like that.. and since the football season is done for.. it now comes the time were the europeans will battle for the for the euro 2012.. at least this next few weeks will be full with events.. spain had already took the euro cup and the world cup.. so can holland or german or anybody else take this away from them.. i do hope so.. then only will it be exciting.. now isnt very early but hasnt reach my bedtime.. and the usual question will be isnt it a bit too late to be sleeping and waking up for work half awake and not your best.. but well, it works doesnt excites or challenge your mind then i guess it doesnt matter for me that is.. but oh well everybody need to meet end meat..  

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

hash tag

there is a hash tag thing on twitter where u could write what ever you regarding things and just hast tag it.. today's one was #ificoulddoitoveragain i did write in twitter that i wish i didnt end up taking this engineering course.. but #ificouldgobackintime i would really have to wish many things to have happen.. but basically what do you value more in life.. career/money or family/frenship if given these two choose i would say why not take a better career hence more money and the rest will follow.. but actually i would choose that some how or some way, i wish that the cancer was detected way way much earlier and something can be down about it.. i always though that my dad would be around for my wedding day or even the day i have my own kids.. it maybe naive but i never told other wise.. even after finding out about it i still wish my dad could sign the document of marriage.. but nothing ever work out as u plan... life likes to kick you in the ball and laugh at you.. i what more to add.. for now i have career - nada, money - nada, anyways the point of these is nothing.. just wanna wish my dad HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! you will be miss.............

Friday, May 27, 2011

at the end

what does it means at the end of the day.. meaning when i look back what would i like to recap? what meant the most to me? we always tend to think the future like down the road where would i be or what do i want to have or how successful am i.. but think as if we are there, in the end what really matters to us.. cos i really dont.. all i know now is that we work, eat, sleep and start back the cycle just to meet ends meat.. so are we just surviving and pasting thru the days and do we stop and smell the roses like people say we sud.. is there more to it that just this, of cos everybody wants to be rich or successful or dont need to work but be able to enjoy the fine things in life.. but sure not everybody can do this.. i mean is there more to it than just money.. health is important also but like the old person use to say.. work hard now and enjoy later.. can we really enjoy later? sure not everybody have the dream job but is it important to get the dream job or is the pay more important.. is doing something fulfilling in life makes the day happier for you.. it putting a smile on somebody's face make it worth the while.. where go we go from here.. and in the end of the day.. what really matter?!?!?!?!?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

the system

education system has failed me, i have failed the system, i lost the pointed of university education when in the end it leads you no where. Parents all have high hopes for their kids after finishing uni, but it seems it hasnt brought me any further. Or maybe i just failed myself in life. Either way it doesnt matter that much now. Just hope i could have given more back only!!! has education really brought us forward or it is just a paper for us to fit in society? is there more? has the system help us improve for the better or it is in ourselves to do it? i dont know where it is suppose to be leading us but suddenly we do out best for parents and also for our kids? it is like suddenly you lost the sight for the purpose.. i dont know what the system is suppose to be anymore... but yet life goes on..........

Sunday, March 06, 2011


payback is a bitch!! well i am not saying it in bad way but then i am just saying that when only can i pay back my gratitude to my parents. i have to say that i feel quite bad that i cant afford to spend my parents a trip oversea, all expense paid trip for them to enjoy after so many years of looking after me. sure there are occasions where i will give some money to them but still, i do feel that isnt enough, well the point of this is just saying most of us have been out working for so long yet we cant to the little bit to pay back our parents for all their sacrifice for us.. i am sure if we fall back to our parent now, they will still do whatever they can to support us.. is because we cant save? or we dont have any to save? or because we are full with debts? whatever the reason

Sunday, September 05, 2010

it is always about the bigger picture

most of the time, we are ask to look at the bigger picture in life or the long term, look towards the future, and it mainly means not just the things that are impact in the immediate future but things that may be a factor in the longer run.. but what if your near future is far fetch, i mean you current target seems to unlikely coming true yet we need to look so far ahead.. There is a saying which is if you dont have so big head, dont wear so big hat.. i mean we have to take things as it is.. having a plan is good but i guess we must make sure the smaller picture is able to be done before we can think about the bigger picture, yes of cos we can start to think about the big picture first but dont get too carried away and dreams of things of sky high.. do come back to earth and start to think about the things around us and think about it.. hmmmm.. i guess this really isnt making any sense rite now.. but anyways... i am just sayin

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


when we were young, our teacher would ask us this, bila besar nak jadi apa? then a whole list of jobs would come out.. but actually i really forgot what i wanted to be when i was younger. and as we grow older, of cos out ambition was more realistic. and then we go to university or college depending on what we can afford of cos.. After few years of fun and enjoying the life, we have to come back to the real world and step into the working world... I think most of our dreams then was running high, thinking we would be somewhere top or do amazing things, earn the big bucks, and thought that nothing could stop us.. BUT after a few weeks into the job.. then u start to see the real picture.. dreams are dreams.. how come the working world doesnt work as i expected it to be.. ooppsss.. mistake.. did i fuck up somewhere.. then from weeks to months.. you see the how the working life is like.. nothing as u dream of.. nothing peachy and you start to realize these few simple rule... ONE. working hard gets you nowhere, it is how you talk to your boss and know how to take credit for things not done by you, how well you know the people around you. which leads to TWO. office politics.. true? which office dont have politics.. like it is not bad enough in the outside world, office also politics kau kau.. the boss like who, dont like who, who steps on whose tail, who betray who, THREE. always suck up to your boss.. because he will be the one who promotes people, give you increment, give you bonus, but i am sure not all the boss are the same, i think there will be a few out there who generally do look out for the hard working and really about to perform rather than just sucking up and play politics.. and of the lastly THE ART OF TAI CHI, seriously those old timers are really good at it, anything goes wrong.. the blame goes to everybody else except himself or herself.. this art to tai chi is really important to survive and stay long in a company. so now.. do tell if the things i say are wrong.. but as for me.. dreams remains a dream and i do wish i can have a holiday for 1 month just to stay lazy.. hahah... cos i am lazy and bored of working for now.. i guess u can say who isnt..